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From JM, Site Member, November 21, 2019

Everyone is wanting what you have. Customer service comes with evolving peoples’ minds. I mean, it’s a big key to life that many lost souls are wanting super bad. You are doing wonderful things!


Sometimes the truth needs to be heard for a long period of time to register over all the B.S. life throws at us, you know.


And you are the best teacher anyone could ask for!


You have helped me evolve as a person, something I’ve been searching for, for years. Growing up in the “hood”, as some would call it, I’ve had my fair share of traumatic events that trapped me in a religious spider web. 


One day you just came into my life and it has never been the same since. 


To know that a truth so simple is out there, closer to us than we think, is a revelation itself and I do not think I could have seen it without you. You are great, Angel…more than great.


Thank you, Angel. As soon as I get paid, I plan on buying every single one of your books. I wanna keep growing and getting better through a simple Way you have created.


Thank you so much, Angel. You have no idea what this means to me.🙏 I am extremely blessed to receive a place in your work. I am honored and will carry that honor forever.


I thought this time I would show you what you have taught me. The solution was in my hands, Angel🙏 


I love you and thank you infinity. Now the reality I'm about to create is gonna be world-changing.

From KM, Site Member, November, 2019

I stopped caffeine. I'm completely caffeine-free. Been drinking coffee for 18 years and I gave it up just like that. 


I'm already in another dimension. I get it. I have lost my fear and I've stopped worrying. Changed with my boyfriend, too. He gets it. 


You have really changed my life. When I read your books, I was like, "WOW this person really knows it all…the true secrets.


Love your site so much. It's amazing, the best.💫🙏💕


Lower energy cannot touch you when you're in the higher dimensions.

Thank you.🙏🙏🙏❤️

From @K, through Instagram DM voice message, December 20, 2019

You're amazing! I just came across your page and what you are doing is wonderful! Oh, my goodness gracious…You are a fantastic human. Thank you, thank you, thank you for shining your light. You're wonderful. 

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