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PORTAL TRAINING PROGRAM-YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT…literally. the only one of its kind…thin
You literally cannot live without this.—by Dr. P.J. Doone


This is the first and only program of its kind, providing a very rich, detailed, concise, and revolutionary repository of knowledge about how to restore and effectively use Your Magical Power deliberately hidden from humanity many centuries ago.

I’m requesting a
donation of $1000 for the full program (book-modules are available individually upon request. See individual book-module prices below.) for my 30 years of discovery,  experimentation, research and development, all the ebook-modules below, access to me via text for questions, a 30-minute personal consulting session, one year of hi-res biorhythm charts, my IG page, IG Group Chat Room, and the full website with my videos, podcasts, blog, recommended videos, books, music, community forum, etc.…and growing. I AM NOW INCLUDING 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED PERSONAL COACHING VIA IG DM TO GET YOU TO RISE UP FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE…AND "BEHIND THE SCENES": FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PJ DOONE.

I spent the last 30 years of my life experimenting, testing, connecting, questioning, listening, documenting, and researching trying to discover the mysteries of life, including and especially "GØD". After all that time and energy and money spent (and wasted), what I discovered was that there is no "god". The ancients never did write or talk about an all-powerful "god". They never even used that word in any form or in any language. They were talking about your all-powerful brain(s). (You have two.) And they were also talking about a gate—a portal—a door—that transports you directly to your "God-Father" power in you and your higher dimensions of living on the other side of your known universe…and magical power. (In the movies, it’s “an ancient Egyptian artifact that transports people to the ‘other side’ of the known universe.”)

The problem is that The Powers That Be (still led by Rome)—for many centuries—then and now—do not want you to know that you have this power sitting patiently in your brain to be activated by you because they would not be able to control you. They even invented a fake GOD up in the sky as a distraction for you to worship.

And so, having set all that up and having taken control of your brain a long time ago, they continue to prevent you from knowing the Truth in so many media-driven ways. Yup…It's a very vicious cycle. The real question now is: Do you want to waste the next 30 years of YOUR life trying to figure out the right path to Truth, or would you rather take the shortcut: The Portal Training Program?

You can see all the Portal Training Program study materials below. I’m requesting a
donation of $1000 for the full program (book-modules are sometimes available individually upon request) for my 30 years of discovery,  experimentation, research and development, all the ebook-modules below, access to me via text for questions, a 30-minute personal consulting session, one year of hi-res biorhythm charts, my IG page, IG Group Chat Room, and the full website with my videos, podcasts, blog, recommended videos, books, music, community forum, etc.…and growing. I AM NOW INCLUDING 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED PERSONAL COACHING VIA IG DM TO GET YOU TO RISE UP FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE…AND "BEHIND THE SCENES": FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PJ DOONE.

Are you ready? Let me know when you’re ready to start going through your own portal to higher GØDimensions . You literally cannot live without it. Good luck, GØD bless you, and Thank You, Angel!🙏. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO SIGN UP FOR THE PROGRAM OR OBTAIN BOOK-MODULES.

I hope you'll join our community for full access as a Portal Training Program Member. You literally cannot live without it.

Your TAX-deductible donations cannot be refunded. Thank you!🙏❤️ To see reviews and comments, please click here.

MODULES 1, 2, and 3  ($69)

How To Wake The GØDS In You And Create Magical Realities


What happened to me 30 years ago to start my journey? Something went wrong. It was 1990 and some very bad, very scary things were happening. I was growing sick and tired and old fast. I said, “This is a death!” I had lost my life.

I had lost friends and family, money and property, and all the material things and lifestyles one identifies as themselves. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I had always seemed to have a charmed life. Bad things always seemed to pass right by me, so why now?

I realized that the world had not changed, it was all on me…and I was bringing others down with me as well. Something in me had changed, and changed for the worse and it was somehow causing me to attract some really nightmarish things that ended up chasing me for years.


How to explain it all? Why were bad things happening? I'm a good person. I refused to blame “God” but I needed answers. I decided to “go back” and it got me into the “zone”.

It turned out that was a key idea. In becoming an adult and investing in a relationship, I had become something different from what I was as a child growing up. The child that had believed in magic and joy and success, was now only about corporate politics, climbing corporate ladders, money, sex, fear, worry, and worrying about money—the pressure to make more money—and it was very stressful. I became someone who needed to please a significant other (who then died from cancer) rather than putting myself first. I was sure it was me and I decided to change back. This book is what I had discovered.

​How To Wake The GØDS In You And Create Magical Realities

Module 2


TRUE GØD RULES” has a triple meaning: 
1) TRUE GØD’S principles of operation; 
2) TRUE GØD controls/directs/governs; 
3) TRUE GØD dominates as the best! YES…TRUE GØD has rules! And if you don't know and follow the rules, your personal god is totally dysfunctional and you are lost.


If money were the answer to better survival, how much would you be willing to pay for an unconditionally reliable, full-time, fail-safe source of total protection? Suppose using it would mean that nothing bad could ever happen to you again. What would that be worth to you? What would you be willing to sacrifice for that? For that matter, if you could be totally protected, what would you ever need? Think about that.


Suppose this new source of total protection were free? Would you still need money? Suppose you could never go hungry or without clothing or a roof over your head and you didn’t need to sacrifice your family life either.What if you could not only get instant answers and protection in every situation, but get all the answers—from the meaning of life, to the nature of the Universe, to putting together a marketing plan that will knock your client’s socks off—whatever you wish.


What if answers could also take the form of creating any sort of happening in your life—promotions, creativity, success, health, joy, peace, soul mate? What if the answers could make anything happen, creating or changing reality anywhere on the planet. What if survival became a non-issue and life on Earth actually became fun because you didn’t have to worry about survival anymore?


Imagine you could have any dream come true. Imagine you had the equivalent of a “genie” granting an unlimited number of wishes. Imagine you knew how it all worked, so you could take control of the process and take control of your life. Imagine an easy life, with no problems and no fear so you could rest for the rest of your life—stress-free! Sounds impossible? Sounds miraculous? It’s not.

How To Wake The GODS In You And Create Magical Realities



This is the detailed "meat" of HOW TO create magical realities everyday.

This module is packed full of vital information that you always wanted to know and must know about every aspect of waking and connecting to the GØDS in you and creating miraculous realities every minute of every day!

TOP SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE-The Full Version For Grown-Ups-Front and back covers.jpg

MODULE 4 ($69)


500 fully illustrated, full-color 8-1/2 x 11 pages, and many pages are like an entire chapter of a normal book and every page requires careful study. Imagine reading a book with 500 chapters. This book started out as a 10 page document to record just my most important discoveries. But insights kept flowing over more than three years and 10 pages turned into 500.

I never stopped connecting the dots, until the writing was on the wall:
We’re randomly interacting with a hidden gateway-portal to multidimensional alien-‘God’-universes that are ruling our lives in the background and on multiple levels…FOR BETTER OR WORSE.

The problem is, an Evil Empire has been keeping this all TOP SECRET for many centuries—the Joint Powers That Be—Government-Religion-Media-Insurance-BigPharma—a world still ruled by Rome.

After many years of research, I sent just a single illustrative page to the “Pope” and his top cardinals in 2013. I specified a deadline of Feb. 28 to respond. The Pope immediately resigned—admitting guilt—effective Feb. 28 and was replaced with a newly redesigned fake "pope" who tried to escape the specifications of our indictment. This is NOT a formulaic mystery-thriller-suspense novel; it’s real life. And you know that if the King of two billion Christians and his minions know the truth, political and corporate leaders know as well, since they’re ALL running the same protection racket:
"pay UP/TUNE IN or bad things will happen to you".

The JPTB—Joint Powers That Be—has been keeping us distracted, down, and disconnected so that they stay on top, rule our lives, and pretend to ‘protect’. Our disconnect from the real protection of benevolent alien ‘God’-dimensions is what makes life in the universe dangerous. That works to their advantage as we sickly keep pledging allegiance with bodies and minds and money and relying on them for laws and protection and fake "news' and "healthcare" and the promise of an ever-elusive false "God-in-Heaven". It’s a very well-evolved, unscrupulous, cunning, and deceptive killing machine in which self-serving goals are placed above morality…and craft and deceit are used to maintain the authority and rules of rulers.

The gateway-portal for direct contact with these alien-‘God’-dimensions has been buried by The Machine for millennia for fear of losing control of our lives and money. Where is the portal and how do we make contact?
the truth—and proof—is here.

How I Hacked The Freemasons’ Top Secret-COVER FOR IG AD.jpg

MODULE 5 ($46)

How I hacked The Freemasons’ Top Secret


The Famous Freemasons—descended from the Kinights Templar who discovered Rome's/The Vatican's Top Secrets—who are hidden among our world leaders and worldwide captains of industry.

This is a very important module filled with proof about how I hacked their top secrets, which until now, have been, well, you know…TOP SECRET and only discussed among the Freemasons’ inner circle in secret meetings with secret handshakes.

The It From The Bits-How Everything (Even You) Is Made From NoThing-eBook.jpg

MODULE 6 ($46)

The iT From The Bits: How Everything (Even you) Is Made of NoThing

Scientists are running around chasing their tails searching for a indivisible particle of matter that everything is made of. What they should be dealing with is something every “thing” has in common. It’s some “thing” indivisible perfectly ordinary, invisible, and we see it all around us and use it every second, yet we know next to nothing about this nature of natur: Motion. Everything moves.

Many years in the making, The iT From the Bits is an introduction to a revolutionary new way of thinking about everything and how everything—including you—is literally noThing but the same exact thing that computers run on: bits—the simple stop and go of movement. All “things” are inextricably connected through movement…like gravity connects everything in the “visible” universe.

The iT From the Bits explains and proves in very simple ways how and why everything in the 3D world around you is a complete illusion in order for you to gain a deep understanding of how it’s possible to create and control reality and manifest anything and everything you need in life. You don’t control or manifest so-called “physical matter”, you control movement: what happens, the very nature of GØD itself.

Very Important. You CANNOT understand how you rise in dimension unless you know that you and everything else is made of nothing: BITS of information—1s and 0s—ON and OFF—like in a computer. And these "bits" are totally invisible and none material. If you cut open a computer YOU CANNOT SEE THE BITS OF INFORMATION. Says WHO?? ME: Master of computer science and teacher of students from High School level to PhD level starting at age 16, and then computer science consultant and problem-solver to the biggest Fortune 100 companies in the world. It's all about programming: from dirt to plants to animals to humans.


Note how "iT" is spelled. It doesn't just represent so-called "matter", but also "IT": Information Technology. YOU and everything else in the universe is made up of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and the fact is, it turns out to be able to be very clearly explained and easily understood. The so-called "scientists" are all barking up the wrong, complex tree in searching for the nature of the universe and matter. Here are the answers. And it's simple.

And it's all very important to know. For when  you know there is no such thing as matter, it becomes very easy to control and create it.

Top Secrets of the Universe For Grown-Up Kids-How the Real Word of God Went From Flesh to

MODULE 7 ($23)

Top Secrets of the Universe For Grown-Up Kids:

How the Real Word of GØD Went From Flesh to Fairytale

Here you will learn in basic terms how and why your GØD-Right Brain and "Christ" Corpus Callosum was re-engineered by the Catholic Church for the purpose of taking over and controlling your world forever. (After all, it IS called a "universal" church, as that is what "catholic" actually means from the Greek.)

Why do bad things happen to good people? Are we really just lucky or unlucky victims of random happenings? Is it “fate”? “Religion”? A punishing “god”? Or are we floating uncontrollably in and out of alternate universes?

Where there are mysteries there are secrets and tricks and real answers lying behind the curtain. But…Even the most complicated magic tricks have obvious answers once you find out how they're done.

This book series reveals, explains, and proves, step-by-step the Top Secrets being kept…and then you get to learn to achieve real, magical,  everyday miracles.

Module 7 is going to show you how all the storybook characters and things of religion are actually IDOLS/images your brain that ancient people worshipped, and how the Church turned it all around, declaring the real brain images as false idols, heretical, and ilegal, punishable by death.

Part 4-Special Christmas Edition-SITE-COVER IMAGE.jpg

MODULE 8 ($23)

Top Secrets Of The Universe: Special Christmas Edition


The real Top Secret truth about Christmas: How did “Christ” ever get connected to Christmas trees with stars and angels, Santa Claus and the North Pole, and gift-giving? Here are the very important answers.

Where there are mysteries there are secrets and tricks and real answers lying behind the curtain.

But…Even the most complicated magic tricks have obvious answers once you find out how they’re done. This book reveals, explains, and proves, step-by-step the Top Secrets being kept…and then you get to learn REAL magic of Christmas!


MODULE 9 ($23)

How to Choose A Guru by Rick M. Chapman

This is a great book that I found many years ago and is now out-of-print. So I scanned it, re-typset it, and republished it for you. Despite the author's intro (below), this book is about FAR MORE than "how to choose a guru". It contains much vital information and is a very important part of the Portal Training Program (which is why I spent many days republishing it).

“To put yourself in the care of an imperfect master is like letting a madman sit on your chest with a knife in his hands.”—From the chapter on Ersatz Gurus

Intro by Rick M. Chapman:
"I have written this book to help seekers from every path in their quest for
an authentic spiritual guide. It is not my purpose to list or recommend gurus for you to choose from, but to suggest some guidelines which should be of use in trying to discern a real Master from one who is self-deluded or outright phony…I am speaking not as a guru, but as a fellow seeker, yet the guidelines and examples come for the most part from the teachings and the lives of the greatest Masters who have lived on earth. The counsel in this book consists of hints and clues given by those who have known by experience what the spiritual path and its Goal of Enlightenment are all about.”—The author, Rick M. Chapman

World's Shortest Book-COVER.jpg

MODULE 10 ($12)

The World's Shortest Book

Precious few people have read this book of mine—maybe not literally the world's shortest book, but a great summary of a lot of material above.

You know…It’s about your real, true GØD-like life!

They’re all about life and solutions to problems—real or fictitious, personal or professional, hardware or software. You can find thousands of books with thousands of answers. Yet, are they helping? Look at the world. Something is missing. Something simple.

The World’s Shortest Book uniquely zeros in on the one problem causing all the others—fear for survival—fear of not getting (or losing) what you need every moment to make it through the day. This fear is the cause of everything bad on earth, from the civil to the criminal, and from disease to death.

Keep it simple. Eliminating fear eliminates bad things and results in complete joy. The only way to do this is to eliminate need. The World’s Shortest Book shows you how by simply tapping into a system of life support that has evolved around us to supply all need. Evolution is about solving survival problems and after 600,000,000 years, all the problems have been solved.

Can it be true? Try it. When all else fails, you have nothing to lose. All you have to do is believe. If it doesn’t work (it does), no harm done.

It's a Must Read as are all of the above.

To reiterate…I’m requesting a donation for my 30 years of work, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO SIGN UP FOR THE PROGRAM OR OBTAIN BOOK-MODULES. Your TAX-deductible donations cannot be refunded. When you’re ready, I’ll send you details and codes to unlock the materials. Thank you!🙏❤️ For reviews and comments, please click here.

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