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The ‘Holy’ Roman Empire didn't fall or disappear, it became the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church Empire when they gained more power and followers than the "secular" rulers and they now continue to rule the world behind a curtain of fake piety, sincerity, innocence, and decrepit old-age. Who better to reverse engineer the entire "Holy" Roman Catholic Church Empire than P.J. Doone? It's SYSTEM that goes FAR BEYOND ROME.


Author of Top Secrets of the Universe and many other books and videos, I am an independent archeologist, and former high-level, Fortune 100 systems hacker and problem-solver, solving billion-dollar hardware and software problems. (If you know anything about computers—technically—imagine taking control of a huge mainframe with ONE machine language instruction. Imagine instantly finding a single bad bit in a computer of trillions of bits. Imagine converting a legacy mainframe brokerage accounting system with thousands of files and programs IN PRODUCTION without a single error. Imagine hacking the Vatican's Archive of Secrets.


There is no one in the world who knows more about computers than me (including analog and digital communications systems*). I know so much about computers that I am not permitted to go within 50 feet of a government computer…literally! (I have no idea how they know about me, either!) And through all that learning and experience, I realized that everything is all about programming, coding, decoding, decrypting, and debugging. I am the ONLY one in the world who has been able to connect my computer science skills with the sciences of biochemistry, neuroscience, theology, and “religion” (ironically aided by attending Catholic schools for 15 years! :)


(*For example, I am the one who invented an earlier version of the pro football coaches’ communication headset system, and once I built a computer communication telephone dataset for ITT overnight with spare parts from Radio Shack. Easy peezie. At age 1, I was removing screws from my playpen. At age 4, I was building complex circuit boards and electronic equipment like an oscilloscope. Barely out of teenage, I was teaching computer programming to kids.)

30 Rock and march of dimes photos for ab


I produced and hosted a cable TV talk show based in New York City. I have been interviewed by radio and TV media many times. I've appeared on network television, worked with famous Network News anchors and other TV hosts. Managed dozens of people for years. Had unlimited expense accounts and blank checks for hiring and firing. Traveled domestically and internationally for work. Stayed at five-star hotels around the world. Trained programmers and art directors. Was a card-carrying member of famous night-clubs. Lived in a top-10 high-rise with a sky-line view of Manhattan. Worked for top Madison Avenue ad agencies as a graphic designer for national advertising. Made up to $2000/day. Was a NYC fashion photographer. Worked for top NYC model agencies. Attended model agency parties at best NYC clubs, like “Studio 54”. Dined at the best restaurants in NYC and was known by name.


It had absolutely no meaning whatsoever and did nothing to save my life. I died. Now I’m living and nearing 100 years, far better than ever and totally protected by an infallible GØD-Force field.


After leaving behind 14 years of Catholic School indoctrination, I earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Systems & Electrical Engineering as a university research assistant, Bachelors and Masters in Divinity, and Doctorate in Metaphysics.


I’d been down to hell and up to heaven many times, first unknowingly and then deliberately, experimenting on myself to over many years with trial and error to discover the causes and effects. What I learned is that the seemingly elusive sci-fi concept of a multidimensional multiverse is actually real, but not what they present. Dimensions are not places or locations, not "4d" or "5d". They are levels of life—for good or bad—that vibrate at different frequencies. The seemingly single physical life around us where good and bad things happen is an illusion. We can alter our dimension to higher and higher levels where nothing bad can happen and we can be self-creators of our own reality.

30 Rock and march of dimes photos for ab

How my journey started: Very bad, very scary things were happening, like never before. It was a living nightmare…a Steven King monster come to life. It attacked and I died. But I finally decided not to blame GØD*; I felt it was me…something had changed in me. Of the many things I had become as an adult, I didn't know what was the cause, so I decided to change everything and go back to my child-like state. (“You will never enter the ‘kingdom’, unless you become like these little children.”) To remind me, I put pictures of myself as a child all over the house. I suddenly became flooded with answers and inspiration from the universe through my GØD-right brain. That's when I started teaching the metaphysical insights I had received. Soon, all the bad things magically went away forever, as long as I stayed the same way: PURE.


“Extremely fortunate are the pure for they will experience GØDNESS.”


Get my ebooks and you will see A LOT of corrected—properly translated—Bible quotes.



Right-brain insight, inspiration, understanding, and answers to questions from my personal GØD-Right Brain multidimensional multiverse. Received inspiration and then checked, double checked, and triple checked thousands of sources by research and development and by retranslating ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Coptic writings from various sources. It goes on and on. Many years. Very complex.


Now my personal goal is to use my discoveries to keep climbing the mountain into higher and higher dimensions to achieve greater power and miracles every day.


My mandate is to simplify the mass of information I discovered over many years FOR YOU and help others escape the bad things that happen to them in low dimensions of life by energizing GØD-right-brain multidimensional frequencies that rule your world. This website amasses all that information on an ongoing basis. (Please don’t expect to see everything already in place. You must keep following…especially the blog.)


*GØD: This special spelling is to indicate that it is totally different from the [FAKE] “god” of the Church, and is, in fact, nothing at all like you think of a “god”.   Ø


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