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Energy Vibrations, Dimension, Brain, Body, Birth, Death, even PMS. Everything is connected.

Energy Vibrations are a crucial part of your life that you are probably unaware of. It is not about astrology or numerology. Whereas those things might tell you things about life and personality, Energy Vibration is about the function of human cycles.

We all have rhythmic cycles like breathing and heartbeat. There are four main Energy Vibration Cycles: physical, intellectual, mood or emotional, and intuition. There may be more, but these are the major ones and the ones we know for sure.

Of course, we all have daily, monthly, and period cycles, but the Energy Vibration Cycles are not obvious and must be calculated by computer and charted accurately.


Your body-mind Energy Vibration System is rhythmical, mathematical, and predictable.

Life‘s a roller coaster, even for GØDS & Angels

Your body, mind, intellect, and intuition have ups and downs. Some days you feel great, some days cranky, some days nothing goes right and everything gets in your way. The human system is mathematical. I've been following my own Energy Vibration Cycles for a lifetime and it works and is an important tool for understanding the self and knowing when to be careful or social or isolated or quiet.

Equally important, Energy Vibration Cycle charting helps you to understand you and your mate (if you have one) on any given day. It also can demonstrate your vibration compatibility with your mate’s. One of the benefits of raising your dimension is minimizing the ups and the downs and maximizing the overall levels.

The Energy Vibration Cycles

There are three main Energy Vibration cycles—physical condition, mood / emotion, and intelligence—and a fourth, very important one as well: intuition. All three start at the time of birth and all start going up and continue up and down unceasingly all your life, but each has a different number of days. (Statistics show that the calculation is accurate for about 80% of the world population. The rest have Energy Vibration Cycles, but for some reason they can't be calculated.)

The physical cycle is 23 days. The emotional/mood cycle is 28 days—exactly 2 weeks. The Intellectual cycle is 33 days. The intuitive curve is 38 days.


For the first half of each cycle, the corresponding characteristic is positive—you are strong in that quality. The second half is negative—you are weak in that quality.

But that's not all. Here is where it gets interesting. Where the curve crosses the zero line, the center horizontal line on the chart, it's a critical time, which actually spans 48 hours—24 hours before crossing and 24 hours after crossing (worse). The actual crossing the zero point is the absolute worse moment—life and death for the physical curve, broken relationships for the mood curve, bad decisions for the intellectual curve.

Biorhythm showing Critical Days Pointed

Energy Vibration Chart With Critical Days Pointed Out

So your body-mind system “knows” when you are at zero vibration in a cycle and it does indeed affect your dimension of life in strange way: You become physically or emotionally or intellectually or intuitionally unstable (bad enough) OR any combination of these at the same time (much worse, worser, and worstest ;).

Biorhythm showing Mini-Critical Days Poi

Energy Vibration Chart With Mini-Critical Days Pointed Out: You body-mind system “knows” when curves cross each other AND when a curve stops curving.

Furthermore, your body-mind system “knows” when curves cross each other. (How? We don't know.) These are "mini-critical" days, meaning "less critical". And that's not all. Your body-mind system “knows” when a curve stops curving—all the way at the top or all the way at the bottom. That is, when a line drawn tangent to a curve has an angle of ZERO! In mathematical terms, this is known as the “slope” of the curve…or “derivative” (dy/dx). These are also the less severe, “mini-critical” days.


So your body-mind system “knows” when a curve is zero AND when curves cross each other AND when the slope (or motion) of the curve is zero! This is advanced mathematics—calculus, which is the study of motion and motion is so very important to life.

When a curve is crossing zero OR has a slope angle of 0º, these are points where there is no motion. Not a good time.


All of these points happen a lot, which makes it all the more important to know what your Energy Vibration is every day so you can compensate for it and know the condition of your mate. (Avoid each other or be extra kind when you are both critical.)

When you are positive…

…on the physical cycle, you feel strong, tireless, play tennis for hours. When you are positive on the mood cycle, basically, you're in a good mood and feel like socializing, going to the movies or out to dinner, etc. When you are positive on the intellectual cycle, memory is sharp, answers and decisions come quickly and easily. When you are positive on the intuition cycle, you just know things you didn't know you knew and creativity, ideas, and inspiration come to you. Do creative activities during this time.

When you are negative…

…on the physical cycle, you will tire easily. Play tennis for 1 hour instead of 5 hours, and you're totally pooped. (Of course, these numbers depend on your overall physical condition, and are just examples for demonstration purposes.) The feeling of physical tiredness can spread to mood as well, as in "I'm so tired of doing the dishes." It can become literally true when the physical cycle is negative.


When you are negative on the mood/emotional cycle, you will tend to be overly sensitive to comments and criticism. You will tend to be argumentative, debative, or contradictory. You might cry easily or be easily offended. You might have a big fight with your mate and break up (especially if critical in some way). BUT…If you know your Energy Vibration Cycles, you can control the situation and not cross any lines or do anything drastic (as long as you don't lose your head…literally as well as figuratively).


When you are negative on the intellectual cycle, you have trouble figuring things out (use intuition if positive) or remembering things or coming up with answers. (Don't go on an intellectually challenging game show!).


When intuition is negative, creativity suffers, ideas just don't come easily or not at all.

When you are critical…

…on the physical cycle, you are physically unstable. You will feel empty, unfeeling, unaffectionate. You will feel uncomfortable in your own skin…and in life. You and your mate, family, and very close friends must know and understand this. Alternately, you can just keep to yourself, not to have it affect others. You will get irritated easily, especially by things that are not going right or getting in your way. You can be rude to others and sarcastic, maybe posting biting comments online or in an email or on the phone to your refrigerator service company. Don't. Don't even think of sending or posting or calling when physical critical. Take a break. DO NOT play tennis when physical or intellectually critical, or else risk an injury!! When physical critical, you will be accident prone, dropping things, bumping into things. Physical critical definitely causes a temporary drop in your multidimensional multiverse (don't allow it to be permanent). These effects wouldn't happen otherwise. But if you are in a building-energy mode for your 'G*d'-right brain, these effects will be minimized. Nothing really bad will happen (like a car accident) because you will be protected.


When you are critical on your mood cycle, your mood is unstable. You will have no ability to decide to go out to dinner or stay home. You will be very argumentative and sensitive.


When you are critical on your intellectual cycle, again you're unstable. Don't make any business decisions, sign any contracts, or make job decisions. If creating a document, or coding an app, or typing an email or comment online, you will make mistakes. Check, double check, and check AGAIN! DO NOT tell your boss off or quit your job. You WILL LITERALLY NOT KNOW what the hell you are doing!


Being intuitionally critical is not so bad. Your intuition will be unstable and you will think you came up with a great idea and then second-guess it—doubt it—keep thinking about it and changing it. And then throw it away. Not a good 48 hours to be a creative person at an ad agency.


Critical days might make you feel anxious or fearful or worried or angry. Knowing your Energy Vibration Cycles will help you understand the reason you feel so unstable. Births and deaths occur on physical critical days. A person who is already low in dimension, on a critical—or multi-critical day—could easily get very depressed or even contemplate suicide…another reason why knowing Energy Vibration Cycles is so important. A student who is negative or critical on a big test day should prepare more to compensate.


The sex of a fetus is said to be determined by the physical and emotional cycles of the mother at the time of conception. A positive physical cycle results in a male baby. A positive emotional cycle results in a female baby. If both are positive or negative, the results are indeterminate. Menstruation frequently starts on a physical critical day.


I'm sure you can think of, and discover, many more implications and applications.



When critical (especially physical critical) you'll think you're fed up with everything and everyone at home and at work, on the road, in the supermarket, and just everywhere you go and with everything you try to do. (I just accidentally deleted this entire article and had to reconstruct it from scratch.) You might even feel like running away or much worse. (I'm not going to put any ideas into your head.) But then the critical period passes, and you're fine with everything and everyone and back to normal (and probably offering some apologies to people).


For example, on a day that I was physically AND emotionally double critical, I agreed to go bike riding. (Thank G*d it was regular bicycles; a motorcycle would have been a disaster.) Soon after we started out, I had to cross a road and make a sharp turn up the corner curb-cut. I lost "balance" (or something), fell, and hit my shin and arm and scratched my new bike…all very minor, but it drove home the point: stay home.


Another time, I was physical critical and a long-time friend refused to help me out with something after I helped her for months with her relationship, finance, and travel issues. I felt so betrayed that I simple blocked her from all contact and I deleted everything of hers from my phone and computer. I can't be sure no harm was done by those actions, but I'll never know.


So don't make any snap judgements or decisions OR say or DO anything that you'll regret afterwards. As ALWAYS, you must have patience with yourself and know and understand your Energy Vibration Cycles every day. (I admit, it can very difficult to exercise good judgement when critical. Who said life was supposed to be easy?)


Energy Vibration Cycles and Dimension

Any drop in energy affects the dimension in which your life functions—how things happen to you—good or bad. Lower energy = lower dimension. When your any particular curve is running negative, you will definitely feel a drop in energy in the corresponding area of your life: physical, intelligence, intuition, or emotion.


Critical and mini-critical days have the biggest affect on energy and dimension. Life gets difficult and that means your dimension has dropped. Hang on, kitten! You will pop right back up when the critical time passes. Critical times are temporary.


HOWEVER, we've found that as our dimension goes up, the high and low points of all our cycles begin to even out…level off. Life gets much more consistent with far less difference between the highs and lows. Critical days get less and less severe. We are at peace, calm, passive.


Bottom Line

I have discovered over many years of trial and error and checking and tracking my cycles and those of many others, that following your Energy Vibration Cycles chart is a critically (no pun) important aspect of understanding daily life.


Charting your Energy Vibrations…

Having your charts for the present and near future is very important. Divorce (for example) becomes a thing of the past when you know and understand your Energy Vibration Cycles and your mate's. You know when you and/or your mate is critical or negative or triple positive and you understand their condition and behavior. It's important to know your Energy Vibration Cycles for your job, for sports, for socializing…everything!


Having charts for the future (or past) is also very important: Should I go to a party or when should I throw a party? Book a birthday dinner out? When should I schedule my vacation? (When my mood is positive and hopefully my physical condition is positive and definitely when I'm not critical.) Why did something happen yesterday? Why did I screw up the job interview? Why did I lose my job? Why was I born male/female? Why did my marriage break up? What is our Energy Vibration compatibility? When should I schedule my appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


BUT…Charting your Energy Vibration Cycles even in the 21st century is problematic. There are phone apps, computer apps, and websites that will immediately do a chart for you, but they are inaccurate for one reason or another. I've checked many. Generally, they only base their calculations on your birthday, but most people are born in the middle of the night. So, should we calculate based on the top of the day—12:01AM on your birthday? Or should we calculate based on 12:01AM on the next day? For example, I was born just before midnight. That day is gone. So is a calculation based on 12:01AM on my official birth date correct? No. It would be a whole day off. Not good.


What about time zones? What if you were born in India and now live in the U.S.? Again, a very incorrect chart results, off by many hours, if not a whole day. Ironically, the calculation is extremely easy and only involves basic arithmetic, but you would first need to know how many days it is since your birth date. This is a bit of a pain to figure. From there, it's just a matter of dividing those days by the length of each cycle. But for some reason, many apps—online or otherwise—simply miscalculate all of this. Bugs and/or shear negligence and poor programming, debugging, and checking/QA (Quality Assurance).


To chart your Energy Vibration Cycles you need an app that displays everything clearly and in detail and calculates correctly based on date of birth, time of birth, birth time zone, and current time zone. Additionally, it must include the fourth curve, intuition or GOD-Right Brain Energy Vibration.


Having followed my own Energy Vibrations for many years, I coded my own charting program. And it's the only one that charts it with very detailed accuracy. What I now have only works on my very old Mac OS on a very old Mac. Right beside my new Macs, I have maintained my old Mac for years solely for the purpose of Energy Vibration charting. This is how very important it is.

I am providing a personal service of producing custom twelve-month Energy Vibration charts based on your personal info. I will send you 12 high-resolution jpeg images by email, one for each month. You can load them into your photos app on your phone or a folder on your computer and easily access them any time to see where you and your significant other are in your Energy Vibration cycles.


Please click here to order your custom charts.


A Final Note

Someone once asked me, “I don't find any help through these charts. I feel it's of no use to me. How will these readings affect us? These readings are only predictive. How could it be accurate? And if it is accurate, why doesn’t everyone know about it?



First, if it turns out that Energy Vibration Cycles are of no use to you, then LIFE is of no use to you. Second, Does everyone know the secrets of life? The only things people know today is how to poop, pee, eat, sleep, hate. Animals know far more. Life and Energy Vibration Cycles are yet to be taught (properly) and learned. Here it is on

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